I'm Saksham

A Budding Entrepreneur

Hi there! I’m an 18 years old management student from India. I’ve been earning online since the age of 11 and have a long-standing career of 5 years in Digital Marketing and WordPress Development.

Professional Skills

Highly skilled SEO Consultant and WordPress designer

Search Engine Optimization
Media Buying
Content Writing
Influencer Marketing
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Words Written
Websites Built
Consultation Calls
Years Of Experience

What I Do

I’ve been freelancing for the past 5 years and offer all-in-one solutions to my clients to help them reach from point A to B


Search Engine Optimization is my main expertise and I help my clients rank for their target keywords on Google and drive traffic organically.

Media Buying

I do media-buying for my own as well as my clients’ ventures. I specialize in running retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Adwords.

Website Creation

I design and develop websites over the WordPress CMS. From simple blogs to complex eCommerce websites, I’ve done it all.

Chatbot Marketing

I create chatbots to harness the power of social media that bring in more sales month after month with minimal human intervention.


A great copy is the backbone of your sales funnel. I create conversion focused landing pages that are proven to work.


I currently have a network of 12 blogs that generating revenue passively with minimal efforts. I also build such blogs for clients.

My Clients